About Us

We believe that continuously striving to outshine will lead to long-term productivity, growth and enhanced strategic collaboration with our clients

“Enjoying what we do is what we’re proud of”

Our Mission

Providing our expertise to the pharmaceutical, bio-technological and medical device industries, in delivering high quality products, which are safe and effective to patients, while reducing time to the market. We are continuously evolving in pace with the industry, making customer satisfaction our top priority.

Our Vision

We aim to become a leader in providing expertise in the health industry and to be recognised by our clients as being the best in the business.

OMO Consultants takes a partnership approach to promote maintainable and economic growth of the industry. Through our professional expertise in consultancy, we guide and support our clients so that they can make a difference.

Our Values

Our determination to be the best in the industry is guided by our set of values.
The four pillars representing our values are:

Acting with Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity must always be at the core of our everyday decisions and actions. Both attributes are held in the highest regard at OMO Consultants and will always guide us to do well.

Focusing on Quality

Our Company ensures quality is embedded within our daily activities. We believe an overall quality attribute will contribute to the safety of patients and customers.

Providing Professional Excellence

To our clients is what we do best. By providing professional excellence and continually improving our abilities, we are creating an opportunity for our employees to develop and progress within our company.

Valuing our Partners & Clients

Valuing others allows us to demonstrate the professionalism that is expected by our company. This value encourages a supportive team environment and collaboration that is necessary to provide excellent service to our clients.